Parents and Students
Educational Portals

At British Bolivian School we take technology seriously. These are our main Parents/Students platforms:

Plus Portals

Academic system that allows families to monitor both academic and disciplinary matters on a daily basis, as well as being aware of all homework submitted. It is our primary means of communication between parents and the school.

Parents can access to this service through a web browser or an iOS/Android App


British Educational Publisher Online that produces teaching and educational materials. It includes a vast library of resources (including interactive resources) for all subjects aligned with the UK curriculum and "Key Stage" assessments. This will be beneficial for both your children and teachers. It provides access to a wide range of engaging learning resources designed by UK teachers, as well as a large library containing classic English literature and more contemporary writers. Parents can access this service through a web browser or an iOS/Android app.

Microsoft Teams

This educational platform allows students to carry out classroom work and assignments within the platform in a safe and secure manner, as well as facilitating communication between students and teachers.

Students can access to this service through a web browser or an iOS/Android App

Student Plus

Student Plus is an academic platform designed for students to track their daily academic performance and disciplinary records. It also provides an up-to-date overview of all assigned homework. This platform serves as a key communication tool between students and the school.
Students can access Student Plus through a web browser or via an app available for iOS and Android devices.